Thursday, 2 April 2015

© Exploring the Turquoise Coast - Fethiye - Oludeniz & Kormilassos

An hour south of Dalaman Airport lies the sprawling town of Fethiye. In or out of tourist season this lovely town is always alive. From wonderful waterfront walks to the bustle of a hundred markets. Wares of everything one could ever look for be found here in the fun character streets that have aromas of turkish coffee to spice oils and kebabs!
My first visit in 2014 had me staying in a waterfront hotel near the marina section.

A walk along the waterfront giving me familiar scenes of my old home in the Bahamas with the added flavour of mountains in the background and new watercraft designs not seen on that far side of the Atlantic sitting alongside familiar catamarans and commercial fishing vessels.

It was fun so see dive organisations anchored here of which I am a member of the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) being an Open Water Scuba Instructor myself in past profession.

A short walk further into town one passes statues of iconic Turkish aviators and military leaders coming to the main road through town and the beginning of the maze of market places.

Weaving ones way through the narrow streets the explorer can find the most amazing array of wares on display especially the world famous Turkish rugs!

Selecting one for purchase can be a daunting decision, so many to chose from!
Working our way through the narrow streets one is drawn to the wonderful aromas of spice oils & incense where three sisters engage us in excited chatter swapping email addresses and of their pending visit to India!

A welcome break from shopping one can find on every turn incredible curb-side restaurants where homemade cooking is always a temptation under the canopy of trees and vines.

Fresh vegetables & fruit is unmatched in Turkey. Everywhere we went the locally grown produce was fabulous to eat!

Our exploring continues through the narrow avenues where wares of every kind can be found. Clothing, food, spices, rugs, ceramics and jewellery go on for what seems miles!

We work our way toward the waterfront where the day ends with another spectacular sunset behind the mountains encompassing the city. 

The adventure continues here with an invitation from our local host Joseph to explore the famous Ghost Town and Blue Lagoon .... !
The next day we are treated to a ride through the old mountain road surrounded by pine forrest where the view suddenly explodes with an aerial view of Oludeniz, better known as The Blue Lagoon. Now a busy summer resort with uncountable hotels offering a spectacular beach. One of the most famous areas of the Turkish coastline.

The spectacular mountain heights above the lagoon have become a favourite Paragliding location. Tandem flights and licensed pilots can leap from the summit, soar in the thermals and to land on the gorgeous beach below!

Our host drove around the lagoon and the vistas were all around. Indigo pools of a natural anchorage surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges.

The last place on our itinerary this day was a visit to the old ruins of what is locally known as the Ghost Town. It's ancient name being Kormilassos, where in 1928 during the Greek-Turkish conflict 30,000 Orthadox Christian residents were ordered to pickup their belongings in just five days for their repatriation by ship back to Greece, even though none of them had ever been there.

Once vacated the town was plundered by the local Turks who moved into the region; the buildings were stripped of furnishings and remaining lumber to remain empty shells of stone while the new inhabitants built in the valley below. The town remains a vacant monument and became known locally as the 'Ghost Town'.

Visitors can walk the old cobble streets and take photographs of the old church and brick ovens noting only one or two residents still maintain offering a casual place to eat in the company of a few peacocks!

This stay in Turkey has come to a close. 
So much more to explore, so many beautiful people & places ..... stay in touch with us here!

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