Saturday, 20 December 2014

© Back to Africa after 40 years! - Kenya to Zambia

Leaving Jordan we continued southward for a fuel stop in Djibouti where the intense heat caught us off guard. Arrival in Nairobi was a long awaited moment from my first African visit to Kenya back in 1970! Africa seeps into your soul and has been drawing me back since then! A night at the Livingstone Hotel brought back fabulous memories and a pilot stop at the Aero Club a must.

The Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi - last there in the 70's!

The Citation safely stored in a hangar, we departed Nairobi in a Cessna Caravan, flying over the Rift Valley toward our destination and awaiting guides Kevin & Patrick who escorted us to the Mara Plains Campsite. The tented rooms of Micato Safaris were something out of a travel guide for the elite, complete with brass bathtub overlooking the grazing zebra on the plains!

Terminal on the Mara Plains!

From Kenya we traveled over to Zambia to witness the amazing Victoria Falls. Staying at the Royal Livingstone we were kept company by monkeys just outside the screen porches and zebra grazing by the pool! A helicopter ride over the Falls puts everything into perspective.

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