Friday, 19 December 2014

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We reloaded the Citation and departed Prague for a fuel stop in Greece. Leaving there we flew at 39,000ft over the Southwest coastline of Turkey entering the dessert regions to the south. Final approach in to Aqaba, Jordan. A beautiful hotel on the shores of the Red Sea with three countries in sight, Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

Approach into Aqaba Airport

The Greek Island Of Meis 2km off Kas

 With a the next day to explore I ventured off with my personal guide to the ancient city of Petra. Built as early as 312BC through Roman rule in 106AD and destroyed by the massive Galilee earthquake in 363. Walking the ancient ruins and tombs is a must do. The 6km hike taking most of the day walking in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia who stayed there during his campaign in the dessert.

My trusty guide tells me behind us was where Lawrence of Arabia rode.

 A pleasure to meet the kiwi author who married a Bedouin tribesman with her friend who resembled a version of Depp!

Walking through the canyons of Petra one is suddenly awed at the amazing construction carved out of solid rock, without any ferrous tools, to become the crossroads of the major trading routes of the east all because of their talent for harnessing badly needed water for the camel caravans that could number up to 10,000 animals and their entourages!

Lower left ledge shows the method of channeling fresh water.

Main entrance to the old city

The ancient tombs of Kings

After a 6.5km walk the camel ride out was the way to go!

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  1. And you didnt stop in to visit Eilat Tel Aviv and neighboring friend Dina & co?