Thursday, 5 February 2015

© Update on "Safari Seaplanes"

It's been over three years already since I stepped down as Founder & CEO of my pioneer Seaplane Charter Service in the Bahamas, first formed in 1989! The torch was passed to good friend and new CEO, Capt. Paul Aranah Jr. last December and featured in the Seaplane Pilots Association Magazine, 'Water Flying' .... Now the latest promotion for some exciting seaplane adventures!

"Sharks in the Runway" now available on Amazon in hardback, paperback & eBook tells the story of how the most successful seaplane charter service in The Bahamas got started - from a simple idea sparked by a man who ordered a brand new seaplane and had no clue how to fly!

The Three Paul's take flight!

Even CEO's have to wash down!

The most photographed aircraft in the Caribbean!!

Capt. Paul Harding (Ret.)

Our Maule M7-260 Seaplane on Baumann Amphibious Floats completed an extensive Annual Inspection with our special friends at Amphibians Plus in Bartow, Florida. Now back in service the most photographed aircraft in the Caribbean is seen flying all through the islands to just make cover on the latest Vogue Magazine!

Harry Shannon & Crew performs all our major maintenance at Amphibians Plus.

Vogue Magazine Front Cover!

New CEO Capt. Paul Aranah Jr.

C6 WET has provided invaluable services throughout the Bahamas from regular charter flights for Private Islands, aerial photography, yacht provisioning and air ambulance to name a few!

Safari Seaplanes is often the choice of travel with many celebrities that come for the privacy of the Out-Islands!

Always a pleasure flying Johnny Depp and his Director, Tim Burton.

Micheal Keaton on his way to Andros!

Montel Williams a gracious guest from the Exuma Cays.

Mr. Steve Forbes flying in for a conference onboard a cruise ship!

Shania Twain enjoying the seaplane ride!

Yacht Provisioning ... right to their back door at anchor in the Out-Islands!

The Cove Resort in beautiful Eleuthera Island

At home with our family at Odyssey Aviation, Nassau International Airport.

Guest pickup at fabulous Kamalame resort, Andros Island.

Normans Cay Pond, Exumas

Ralph Lauren photo shoot.

Our Maule, C6WET, has starred for television, movies & leading magazines!

Capt. Paul has teamed up with Capt. Rob Ceravolo of Tropic Ocean Airways with new additions to their Florida fleet.

Tropic Ocean's new addition, a beautiful Cessna Caravan

The Adventure continues here ..... !

UPDATE: April 26th 2016

On my return to Nassau I see with disappointment the two partners have not been able to make things work in their acquisition of my company. 23 years building a fine reputation with the first commercial seaplane operation here in the Bahamas seems now wasted?
Maybe one day something will get resolved, meantime there is a very forlorn Maule seaplane in the hangar feeling very neglected. 
I know my services are well needed again but fear financially I fall short of having what it takes to breathe new life into this service ....

Again, stay tuned. Things could take a turn for the better one day .... I have an idea!

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