Saturday, 31 January 2015

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March 5th 2015.

UPDATE on Kalkan Re-Build! Set for start on March 26th and 70 days to complete?
here's hoping all goes well for our lovely town!

Update February '15 .... storm damages the road to Kas!  Looks like major work ahead?

Highway from Kalkan to Kas badly damaged.

After a devastating fire near the waterfront earlier this year, which destroyed several of Kalkan's well known restaurants the rebuilding begins!
Updates will be posted on this site as we receive them .....

Heavy equipment now clearing the debris from the burned area of Kalkan waterfront. New artist impressions are submitted for the next phase of rebuilding the popular Turkish resort on the Turquoise Coast!

After the Storm - beautiful views from our Villa in Kisla. (photo by Derman)
We returned in March of this year and saw the progress for ourselves. All the destruction has now been cleared and the area being prepared for the new foundations.

June 5th 2015.
Looking at the web pictures of Kalkan we see new streets being laid in Old Town, the work reportedly finishing in about 10 days? Maybe a slower season than expected ahead? We all will be watching the Election this coming Sunday 7th June. Our little town is showing promise of looking really smart!

... and the restaurant building begin their re-build!

October 2015: We return to Kalkan and see the work well in progress with the new site in the harbour district damaged by fire. New facilities underway and restaurants returning! The new streets repairs came out beautifully and the town was full when I first arrived in Mid-September.


The harbour looking as picturesque as ever and the view from the roadside overlooking the town spectacular!

January 2016.

Once again a return to Kalkan! This time for longer residency to enjoy a home here and keep company with some really wonderful people. The town as always being prepared for the upcoming season. January days are much cooler than experienced before. Yet the sun shines and the days are mostly clear and spectacular. A beautiful place to be compared to the wet & cold of the UK or terrible snow storms in the USA! The cruise boats still on dry dock also being readied for their busy times ahead.

The new waterfront is taking great shape and should be well ready for the first visitors arrival in the Spring?

February 2016. Working progressing well. Ready by the season all being well.


  1. Wow, it looks like it will be great place! I am going to have holidays in Turkey this year and would like to take a guided tour from Fethiye to Kas - Kalkan - Myra - Kekova I hope you guys will be able to finish all works till May 16th! :-)

    1. Hi there Nigel ... beautiful places to see! May want to contact a friend and local there named Gurol. Say hello from us but he is a wealth of information for your tour?