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In May of 2014 I took the opportunity to begin an exploration of places to visit, or maybe even live one day, in the Mediterranean! Having lived on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in the fabulous Bahama Islands practically all my life, now seemed fitting to see other wondrous places in the world that were within easier reach from the new location of the UK. One country kept coming to the forefront, Turkey. Steeped in history from ancient times (a big attraction for this writer) this vast and very diverse country and its people seemed a good place to start? Being also drawn to finding another lovely body of water to swim in, I headed for the southwest Lycian Turquoise Coast and the small resort town of Kalkan.
Beautiful Kalkan Harbour

A two hour drive from Dalaman Airport in Turkey takes one through small residential areas and out into the Turkish countryside. Arid lands give way to farms and eventually the port city of Fethiye. Through mountain passes and the agricultural valleys where tomatoes are exported all over Europe and beyond. The main highway is in great condition and weaves its way through the higher peaks to explode suddenly with the blues of the Mediterranean Sea and the sheltered Bay of Kalkan. The town is full of character lined with a multitude of cobbled streets and shopping for every taste. There are too many restaurants to count being able to please any palate!

A walk along the waterfront offers everyone real pleasures in dining and casual relaxation. The clear warm waters of the Med beckon one to plunge in and swim or snorkel the shoreline.

Within a few kilometres either side of the town beautiful beaches offer a spectacular day's exploring.

Accommodations are vast and varied in Kalkan. I found a gorgeous villa on the hillside just outside of town in the exclusive quiet region of Kisla. The view was stunning! A small water-taxi service running all day would carry passengers across the bay into the town centre. This region is a hot holiday rental area and very popular with Europeans and Brits.

2016 is here and after two years in the UK I have moved back to the sunshine here in Kalkan. There is a winter here! Lots of sunny days but the attire is jeans and sweaters for the most part. A thick jacket to ride the scooter into town! Then comes a day like today where one can lie out under the warm Mediterranean sunshine and get a tan going again, not bad for January - February! (looking the part for the occasional visit back to the Bahama homeland!)

The town is quiet but businesses and residents all occupied with renovations and upgrading of properties readying for the approaching season. Boats still remain on dry-dock as they too get some tender loving care for the visitors approach in the next couple of months.

Recent weather systems racing through the Med have brought occasional rains but so far none of the damaging storms from years past. With the weather comes some spectacular sunsets that only the Turquoise Coast can share with us!

This weekend in February 2016 offered a warm blue Turkish day to drive around the south coast from Kalkan to the next neighboring town or Kas (pronounced Kash) a municipality where government offices and a full resort marina can be found. The natural harbour invites yachts from around the world a safe anchorage here with full marina facilities available.

The town has a beautiful setting with the central waterfront plaza bordered by great restaurants and local stores. 

The coast line around the town offers spectacular walks and dramatic cliffs down to the blues of the Mediterranean.

The Greek island of Meis (pronounced Maysh) lies a short 30 minute ferry ride to the south. Bring your passport and visit another country for lunch and some lovely swimming!

More on Kas coming .....

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