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© Wildlife & Nature Photography by Paul Harding

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During the last few years I have specialised in wildlife & nature photography. While flying through the Bahamas with my commercial seaplane charter service there was always a camera stowed close at hand. The aerial views of this island archipelago are often beyond belief. The resulting photographs often look as if they have been enhanced in some ways when the actual colours of the ocean there are as dramatic as the camera records. I added commercial aerial photography to my business portfolio and have been published in popular marine navigation chart publications found in the United States & Caribbean.

The stunning Exuma Cays, Bahamas

With the growing popularity of my photography I branched more into nature photography which coincided with some extra ordinary travel opportunities, namely visiting beautiful Alaska, returning to the countryside of southern England and a stunning opportunity to re-visit East Africa on the Mara Plains. The time spent in the Bahamas was both recorded from the air and underwater with a dive operation I ran for 17 years. The ensuing Facebook page is for all to enjoy:

During my career in the Bahamas I was offered to shoot video for a project that would be aired on the Discovery Channel working with Jeff Hughes, a producer and friend from Beaumont, Texas. We worked on over a dozen of the TV Series 'The International Outdoorsman'. I was honoured to shoot the first shark film aired on that station that later became a hit series that continues today called 'Shark Week'.
All of these adventures with nature will be featured in my autobiography, a work in progress called 'Sharks in the Runway'!

'The Sharks of Stella Maris' TV film shoot in Long Island, Bahamas.

The popular visit by seaplane to the famous Alan's Cay Iguanas

The very popular 'swimming pigs' at Big Major's Spot, Exuma, Bahamas

A highlight of my diving career, swimming with a 40ft Sperm Whale!

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